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Moustaka’s House

Property ID : H10
Ground floor 54.75 First Floor 43.15  4 Sleeps 5 Rooms

This house is bursting with character. It was designed by the same architect that built Panormitis Monastery and as such has many similarities e.g. in the balustrade and the many heads that decorate its walls!

This house is suitable for those of you who love the charm of the old traditional Symi house and are prepared to do the work that is necessary to make it livable by modern standards. It has the potential to be either two apartments or one large house. Many features are very exciting about this property and it will appeal to the romantics amongst you.

Special Features

Gargoyle heads and angels, antique furniture.

Rachael Skerry Papacalodouca

The Symi Estate Agent is run by Rachael Skerry – Papcalodouca, (BA/CPE/LPC) an English lady who has worked for 20 years in Conveyancing in Greece. She started this venture in 2008 to fill a niche in the real estate market and to provide a reliable and efficient service to those buying property. Her legal background, local knowledge and proficiency in the Greek language have helped her succeed. Rachael lives locally with her husband and three children.

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