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Architect’s House

Property ID : V57
126 sqm 160,4 sqm

Owned by a group of architects, this historic home was respectfully restored and each detail carefully repaired without modernizing at the expense of destroying the original structure and design.

It is a large, two-storey, 3 bedroom house, with a spacious sitting room being one of the most pleasant rooms to gather, enjoying a balcony and spectacular views of Symi’s harbour.

A simple kitchen is located indoors with an original stone sink, and another kitchen located outside in the large courtyard, with stone paved floor and an old wood fire / barbecue. There is the possibility to create a larger kitchen inside on the lower level, which also has an antique wood fire stove.

The large courtyard is split level, with pebbled floors in tact, with an outdoor bathroom and storage room.

The colours, patterns, light and space make this property nothing short of magestic!

A reduction has been made from 380,000 euros to 350,000 euros!

Rachael Skerry Papacalodouca

The Symi Estate Agent is run by Rachael Skerry – Papcalodouca, (BA/CPE/LPC) an English lady who has worked for 20 years in Conveyancing in Greece. She started this venture in 2008 to fill a niche in the real estate market and to provide a reliable and efficient service to those buying property. Her legal background, local knowledge and proficiency in the Greek language have helped her succeed. Rachael lives locally with her husband and three children.

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