Village (Chorio)


Chorio in Greek means village. The village begins as Yialos ends and continues the structural climb up the mountain into the quieter climbs of the island.

A maze of little streets; it’s a a labyrinth of charming traditional houses, often with spectacular views of the harbour and / or the mountains of Turkey in the distance. This area is more for those who might not mind climbing up a few steps to get to their house and prefer the quieter life style offered here. There is a village square and a fair amount of cafes and restaurants dotted around but altogether the tempo is slower up here than in the harbour.

Village Properties

  • €350,000/Euros
    211 sqms

    Gymnasio House

    A rare large house in need of renovation in the area of Gymansio with good access and wonderful views. It has generous outdoor areas affording a charming expeience  as the …

  • €600,000/Euros

    Villa Jeanette

    Villa Jeanette has been with the present owners for forty years. A holiday, meant to be, impulse buy, it has hosted many family events especially a Family Wedding. The oldest …

  • €495,000/Euros
    166 sqm's

    Lavinia Studios

    A exciting opportunity for someone wanting to run a business on Symi either as a hotel, B&B or on Air bnb / Booking.com – 7 studios with road access and …

  • €250,000
    135 Square Meters

    Despina’s House

    A big , modern house in Chorio  near Ag. Eleftherios Church, ideal for a family . It is a two storey house with  six rooms, that is two bedrooms with …

  • €195,000/Euros
    249,35 sqm's

    Arch House

    A traditional property totally unspoilt in need of renovation to be suitbale for modern standards but incredibly charming. It is just a few minutes from the main walk way/street of …

  • €180,000/Euros
    111 sqm's

    Windmill House

    A traditional Symi house in the area of the windmills consisiting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two sitting rooms, kitchen, garden, balcony, terrace and roof terrace. There is plenty of …

  • €240,000/Euros
    93 sqm's

    Petri House

    New to the market a delightful two bedroom Symi house, in the highly desirable area of Pitini, it boasts a garden/terrace large enough to entertain and a smaller terrace both …

  • €380,000/Euros
    129 sqm's

    Carpenter’s House

    An amazing opportunity to buy a large brand new three bedroomed apartment only in need fo the final touches. It is situated over an extensive carpenters workshop which is no …

  • €700,000/Euros

    Hrisi’s House

    A spectacular house situated near the High School of Symi just off the Kali Strata. It has been maintained to a high standard and has much of its old charm …

  • €125,000/Euros
    56 sqm's

    Libby’s House

    An ideal small bolt hole – snuggled in the village near Ag. Thanasis giving you the total Greek village experience. There is a roof terrace over looking Pedi valley and …

  • €275,000

    Kathy’s House

    A must see Symian house……. A beautifully and sympathetically restored house with a brand new roof  in a quiet location next to Ag. Stavros Church. A beautiful Holiday/permenant home, ready …

  • €250,000/Euros
    84 sqm's

    Patros House

    A new house in the village opposite the German Bakery. It is unfinished but almost completed. The potential is for either one big house or two studios. It is a …

  • €240,000/Euros
    274,77 sqm's

    Lemonitisa View House

    Lemonitisa View House is on the stunning walk way lined with poplar trees that leads to Lemonitisa church in the Village. It has breathtaking views of the harbour, Nimos island …

  • €180,000/Euros
    205 sqm's

    Kataraktis House

    An old property with all its original features but in need of renovation. Right underneath Ag. Nikola church in the village and at the top of the old stone staircase …

  • €150,000/Euros
    113 sqm's

    The Old Distillery

    A unusual opportunity in the Village to buy an old cottage industry Suma distillery. It is 2 minutes from the road and has very easy access. It consists of a …

  • €140,000/Euros
    270.50 sqm's

    Village House

    The Village House is a well placed house in Chorio on the main street. The upper floor leads onto the street and the lower floor leads into a big yard/garden …

  • €150,000/Euros

    Konstantinas House

    A traditional well kept house in the heart of the Village, situated next to the Old Pharmacy with road access. Upstairs is a livable one double bed roomed apartment with …

  • €150,000/Euros
    172 sqm's


    An open plan home high up in the village with panoramic views of Yialos, Turkey and Pedi. The blue colours of the sky and ocean surround you and give you …

  • €20,000/Euros
    106 sqm's

    Lieni Land

    A piece of land in Lieni on the corner near the big tree. It is set a bit down from the road and so will be more peaceful. It is …

  • €150,000/Euros
    4.278 sqm's

    Saint (Ag.) Triada Land

    This is the biggest piece of land on the market with us and it is situated at the top of the village above Ag. Triada church. 15 minute walk from …

  • €280,000/Euros

    Proco’s House

    This house has an unusual minimalist design giving lots of space. There is a separate independent 1 bedroomed apartment and then a larger living area with 4 possible bedrooms which …

  • €120,000
    72 sqm's

    Marianthi’s House

    This property is located very near Agios Athanasios church in the Village of Symi. It is a two-floor house , its upper floor includes the kitchen, living room and bedroom …

  • €110,000
    125 sqm's

    Anastasia’s House

    This old property is situated off the Village Square looking down over the back of the harbour. It has been unspoilt and is a great opportunity to get an original …

  • €115,000/Euros
    104,88 sqm's

    Karagiannis Ruin 2

    Reduced to 115,000 Euros…. This ruin is situated in a picturesque part of the village 2 minutes from the Village Square – Syllogo. It’s neighbouring house is testamonial to how …

  • €95,000/Euros
    204,82 sqm's

    Karagiannis Ruin 1

    Reduced to 95,000 Euros…. This piece of land measuring 204,82 square mtres is behind Sotiris’ supermarket in the village and also has a ruin in it measuring 159,80 square metres …

  • €55,000
    137 sqm

    Mihalis’ Ruin

    Located in a quiet area of the village, this property consists of a piece of land (137sqm) with a ruin covering a floor area of 116sqm. There are partial views …

  • €65,000/Euros
    214 sqm's

    Missos’ Land

    A  good sized piece of land in the village on the main road, measuring 214 square metres, it includes a ruin measuring 72 square metres. It is very convenient and …

  • €180,000

    Evangelistria House

    This property is a conveniently located just off the main road of the village. It is an old house in need of renovation, with two bedrooms (possibly three), one bathroom, …

  • €280,000/Euros
    159 sqm's

    Kastrounis House

    This large house is very accessable with easy road access. Position wise  – it is in the village right next to the Village Hotel and as such is a stones …

  • €150,000
    36 sqm

    Ag. Lefteris House

    This property is located just behind the Agios Eleftherios church; a central location with easy access to supermarkets, cafes, tavernas and the village square. It consists of two self-contained apartments …

  • €110,000/euros
    70 sqm's

    Annika’s House

    Drastic Reduction to 110,000 Euros A traditional house near the main square of the village, Syllogo, with road access. It has 4 bedrooms and can sleep many people. It has …

  • €150,000
    101 sqm's

    Village Shop & Land

    A traditional, old building along the main street of the village, currently operating as a retail space, with a piece of land behind the store. Potential to have a business …

  • €85,000/Euros

    Kokkinou House

    A renovation opportunity in the village, with road access and views of Pedi valley from the side terrace. Accessable past the Village Hotel. A drastic reduction of 35,000 euros  – …

  • 3.915 sqm's

    The Windmills

    A REMARKABLE PROPERTY! 6 windmills and a beautiful house in 3.914 square metres of land on the top of a mountain overlooking Yialos, Pedi, Turkey and Chorio! The house sleeps …

  • €140,000
    64,12 sqm's


    An old traditional kafeneion up in the village in the area of Ag. Athanasios with the original old village gathering place out front! A beautiful opportunity to revive an old …

  • €45,000/Euros
    117,85 sqm's

    Sun dial ruin

    A ruin near the Museum in the Village – accessible by motorbike and then a 3 minute walk. It is 117,85 square metres and therefore quite large by normal Symi …

  • €190,000

    Katerina’s House

    It is a fabulous stone house at the top of the village in the area of Vigli, with incredible views of Nimborio and Turkey. It is a traditional, charming property …

  • €70,000/Euros

    Small Village House

    A small convenient property in the Village just near the Village Hotel. Easy access to all the shops and road. In need of complete renovation.

  • Dora's Ruin


    Dora’s Ruin

    A great, low budget opportunity for those wanting to restore a beautiful ruin with traditional features. It is located in a quiet area of the upper village near St. George’s …

  • Portes Ruin Front


    Portes Ruin

    Here we have a wonderful opportunity to restore an historic Symian property which still has many of its original features. It includes a generous sized plot of land and a …

  • €40,000
    See Details 

    Ag. Georgios Ruin

    Drastic Reduction! This ruin is in a quiet, unspoilt part of the village, next to the church of Ag. Georgios. A sizeable ruin which, when restored, will have sea views. …

  • €220,000
    1,165 sqm's

    Nikola’s Ruin

    This is a unique property consisting of a well maintained large ruin situated in a vast garden with established trees. It is in the village but has road access and …

  • Ag. Thanasi's Ruin

    See Details 

    Ag. Thanasis Ruin

    This small ruin is a lovely relic of a village house with a piece of land next to it to use as a garden. It is in a desirable area …

  • €70,000/Euros
    See Details 

    Dimitri’s Ruin

    This is a great opportunity to build a large holiday home in a quiet area of the village, with panoramic views from roof terraces & courtyards. A group of 3 …

  • €100,000/Euros
    195.33 Sq m

    Kamara Ruin

    This ruin is situated along the main path of the village, close to supermarkets, cafes, the kali strata steps and the village carpark. Reasonable in size, with the opportunity to …

  • €100,000/Euros
    See Details 

    Panorama Ruin

    Drastic Reduction Was 150,000 – Now 100,000 euros. This property has some of the best panoramic views I have ever seen! It is a large ruin encapsulated in a considerable …

  • €160,000/BOTH
    See Details 

    Maria 1 & 2

    Maria 1 is a ruin which is situated in a quiet, village setting in the area of Lieni. One can still see the original features that the house would have …

  • €150,000

    Nicky’s House

    This house is situated in the Village behind the school and as such is in a very convenient position for all amenities. It fits a family well enough and is …

  • Village Ruin


    Village Ruin

    A ruin near Piraiotissa car park in the top of the Village. 5 minutes from road access.

  • Augustus House

    64 sqm

    Augustus’ House

    Drastic Reduction from 125,000 – 100,000 euros! A traditional Symi house in the village underneath the windmills with views of Pedi. It has potential for 2 bedrooms but will need …

  • €140,000

    Manoli’s House

    A village property near Ag. Thanasis with a roof terrace with a view of Pedi bay. Motorbike access and 5 minutes walk from the heart of the Village. 2 bedrooms …

  • €600,000
    8 Sleeps 11 Rooms

    Hara’s House

    A rare opportunity to buy a large house which contains a 2 bedroomed ground floor residence and two additional self contained apartments on the first floor, set in a big …

  • €125,000
    47.60 Sq m TBC Sleeps TBC Rooms

    George’s House

    George’s House is positioned next to the main road from Yilaos to Pedi, in the Valley with spectacular views of Pedi bay to the left and the village (Chorio) and …

  • Fanny's House

    125 Sq m 4 Sleeps 5 Rooms

    Fanny’s House

    This was a Symiot family’s home and as such it was designed to be functional and practical. Thus it is entirely livable but of a certain style. It is situated …

  • Anna's House

    222 Sq m 6 Sleeps 7/8 Rooms

    Anna’s House

    This house is unique due to its spacious and airy feel. Built to externally resemble a traditional Symi house, inside this property accommodates 3 capacious bedrooms, 2 ample bathrooms, sitting …

  • €280,000
    73,80 Sq m 4 Sleeps 7 Rooms


    This ideal holiday home is more cosy than most with a very relaxed almost Moroccan style sitting room with sofa and elegant lighting making it the perfect place to relax. …

  • Dino's House

    4 Sleeps 6 Rooms

    Dino’s House

    Reduced Was 230,000 – Now 195,000. This house has been rented out as 2 apartments but would also make a nice holiday home with very easy access and space to …

  • Mill House

    TBC  4 Sleeps 5 Rooms

    Mill House

    Drastic Reduction Was 150,000 – Now 120,000 The natural light in this property is perfect – because it is the traditional Symi house in all it’s splendour, but bigger! It …

  • Nektario's

    133 sqm 2 Sleeps 4 Rooms

    Nektarios Villa

    Reduced Was 250,000 – Now 180,000. A small village house, simply restored and ideal for holiday living. Plenty of outdoor sitting space in the terrace, courtyard and garden. Very easy …

  • €200,000
    Approx. 12 Sleeps 10 Rooms

    Agia Triada House

    This remarkable property is situated at the top of the village, a 10 minute walk from Piraiotisa car park. It covers 839.65 square metres and consists of a large house …

  • Vault House

    4-6-8 Sleeps 8 Rooms

    Vault House

    This property is just set back from the busy area of Chorio so it has all the convenience with none of the noise! It can be either 2 apartments or …

  • €250,000
    125 Sq m 8 Sleeps 9 Rooms

    Alexi’s House

    A good sized house full of charm which has been restored beautifully up at the top of the village. It has plenty of space for accommodating 8 people, with 4 …