Ruins & Land


This is a new feature on The Symi Estate Agent web site to help prospective buyers find what they are looking for. On this page we are listing all the ruins on our books regardless of where they are situated.

Each heritage stone building hides many original features and due to the level of destruction one has the opportunity to install one’s own taste in the restoration. Also there are often economically viable possibilities for those who do not have a higher end budget.

I hope you enjoy browsing and that this brings another level of opportunity to our potential buyers!

Ruins & Land Properties

  • €80,000/euros
    33.20 sqms

    Missos Ruin

    A ruin in the village with views over Yialos and Pedi. 10 minutes walk from the Piraiotissa car park.

  • €60,000/Euros
    166 sqm's

    Mill Land

    A piece of land in past the Village Hotel on a straight walk way to the Village square with it shops, cafes and tavernas. It measures 166 square metres so …

  • €35,000/Euros
    111.50 sqm's

    Andreas’ ruin

    A well priced cute ruin in a substantial piece of land near Ag. Panteleimona in the Village. The bonus is that this is where they say the new road will …

  • €120,000/Euros
    476 sqm's

    Patihiou Ruin

    A ruin measuring 60,35 sqm’s with a court yard in a large piece of land measuing 476 sqm’s in the area of Vigli – at the top of the Village …

  • €100,000/Euros
    81 sqm's

    Stavros Ruin

    An unusual ruin in the area of Ag. Stavro in the Village. There are architectual diagrams to give you an idea of what can be done on the site. There …

  • €85,000/Euros
    56 sqm's

    Vayiani’s Ruin

    A ruin right near Agia Triada Church next to to the old ‘kafenedi’ as the locals used to call it. You can access by a car or motorbike until Piraotissa …

  • €150,000/Euros
    181 sqm's

    Zouroudi Land

    Here is a very unusual opportunity to buy a piece of land in Nimborio near the sea and road. This land can be built on, 90 square meters in total. …

  • €135,000
    162 sqm's

    Panayiotis ruin

    A ruined house of two parts near the main steps going to Ag. Thanasis facing Pedi valley with views of Pedi bay to be expected from the second floor. There …

  • €50,000/Euros
    153 sqm's

    Pitini Land 2

    Here is an opportunity to buy land in the well sort after area of Pitini in Yialos over looking the harbour and sea. Pitini 2 is measuring 153 square metres …

  • €95,000/Euros
    310 sqm's

    Pitini Land 1

    Here is an opportunity to buy land in the well sort after area of Pitini in Yialos over looking the harbour and sea. Pitini 1 is measuring 310 square metres …

  • €45,000/Euros
    73 sqm's

    Tsambika Ruin

    A good sized ruin in the area of Ag. Triada up at the top of the village. The air is clear and the views are stunning and your nearest car …

  • €200,000/Euros
    1181.60 sqm's

    Gorgas Land

    A unique piece of land up behind the harbour with great views of the whole of Yialos and the sea. It has a ruin in the land measuring 20,70 as …

  • €50,000/Euros
    500 sqm's

    Mama Land – Pedi

    A piece of land in Pedi with the potential to build on. It is measuring 500 square metres and has access from the road along a short path. It is …

  • €300,000/Euros
    447,95 sqm's

    Karamani’s Ruins

    Here is a unique opportunity to buy a group of 6 properties together in the area of Timios Stavros in the upper village. They are at the top of Chorio …

  • €145,000/Euros
    110 sqm's

    Volonaki ruin

    A ruin right in the heart of the harbour, between the Town Hall and the Museum. Perfect position for a business and or an easily accessible home. It is sitting …

  • €150,000/Euros
    4,301.25 sqm's

    Toli Land

    Here is a unique opportunity to buy a piece of land in Toli bay. As can be seen by the photographs it is near the lovely beach and taverna. It …

  • €200,000/Euros
    289 sqm's

    Lemonitisa Land

    A beautiful piece of land on the old stone Poplar lined walk way to the church of Lemonitisa in the Village, with panoramic views of the harbour and Turkey beyond. …

  • €20,000/Euros
    106 sqm's

    Lieni Land

    A piece of land in Lieni on the corner near the big tree. It is set a bit down from the road and so will be more peaceful. It is …

  • €150,000/Euros
    4.278 sqm's

    Saint (Ag.) Triada Land

    This is the biggest piece of land on the market with us and it is situated at the top of the village above Ag. Triada church. 15 minute walk from …

  • €50,000/Euros
    118 sqm's

    Costas’ ruin

    This is a partial ruin exactly on the Kataraktis, ancient stone staircase, just above Yialos with views towards the harbour. The ruin has the potential to be rebuilt as a …

  • €115,000/Euros
    104,88 sqm's

    Karagiannis Ruin 2

    Reduced to 115,000 Euros…. This ruin is situated in a picturesque part of the village 2 minutes from the Village Square – Syllogo. It’s neighbouring house is testamonial to how …

  • €55,000
    137 sqm

    Mihalis’ Ruin

    Located in a quiet area of the village, this property consists of a piece of land (137sqm) with a ruin covering a floor area of 116sqm. There are partial views …

  • €65,000/Euros
    214 sqm's

    Missos’ Land

    A  good sized piece of land in the village on the main road, measuring 214 square metres, it includes a ruin measuring 72 square metres. It is very convenient and …

  • €130,000/euros
    116 sqm's

    Katy’s Ruin

    Katy’s ruin is situated on the village square in Chorio and as such is in the hub of  parochial life. It has the potential to be a large beautiful home …

  • €80,000
    84 sqm

    Kouloundri Ruin

    This ruin can be found in the area of Kouloundri at the back of the main harbour, a central location with easy access, close to road/parking, shops, cafes and restaurants. …

  • €70,000/Euros
    48 sqm

    Mavrovouni House

    A charming, old, traditional house for sale up on Mavrovouni, perched above the harbour / main town. It has a courtyard with views down to Yialos and could when renovated …

  • €80,000
    247 sqm

    Kyriakakis Land

    Two pieces of land for sale at Pedi, along the road behind the main road around the bay. Potential to build a home with views from the upper level, in …

  • €120,000/Euros
    115 sqm's

    Salahouri Ruin

    A large double ruin at the back of Yialos with excellent views down the harbour.

  • €600,000/Euros
    8105 sqm's

    Marathounda Land

    A unique opportunity to buy in the bay of Marathounda at the other end of the island of Symi from the town and near to the famous monastery of Panromiti. …

  • €150,000
    101 sqm's

    Village Shop & Land

    A traditional, old building along the main street of the village, currently operating as a retail space, with a piece of land behind the store. Potential to have a business …

  • €50,000/Euros
    164 sqm's

    Yialos land

    A piece of land at the back of Yialos behind the Opera House – 3 minutes walk from the road. Possible build of 80 square metres with views of the …

  • €60,000
    237 sqm's

    Anna’s Land

    A piece of land in Yialos at the back of the harbour, only 5 minutes walk from the shops, which boasts views over the roof tops to the sea. It …

  • Dora's Ruin


    Dora’s Ruin

    A great, low budget opportunity for those wanting to restore a beautiful ruin with traditional features. It is located in a quiet area of the upper village near St. George’s …

  • Portes Ruin Front


    Portes Ruin

    Here we have a wonderful opportunity to restore an historic Symian property which still has many of its original features. It includes a generous sized plot of land and a …

  • €40,000
    See Details 

    Ag. Georgios Ruin

    Drastic Reduction! This ruin is in a quiet, unspoilt part of the village, next to the church of Ag. Georgios. A sizeable ruin which, when restored, will have sea views. …

  • €220,000
    1,165 sqm's

    Nikola’s Ruin

    This is a unique property consisting of a well maintained large ruin situated in a vast garden with established trees. It is in the village but has road access and …

  • €70,000/Euros
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    Dimitri’s Ruin

    This is a great opportunity to build a large holiday home in a quiet area of the village, with panoramic views from roof terraces & courtyards. A group of 3 …

  • €100,000/Euros
    195.33 Sq m

    Kamara Ruin

    This ruin is situated along the main path of the village, close to supermarkets, cafes, the kali strata steps and the village carpark. Reasonable in size, with the opportunity to …

  • Harbour Land

    96 Sq m

    Harbour Land

    This piece of land is situated next to the old Symi Visitor building on the harbour front and as such is prime real estate. It has a building permit for …

  • €60,000
    89 sqm

    Dinos’ Ruin

    This ruin is located along the main road leading up to the area of Lieni in the village, with views to Pedi bay.

  • Pedi Land

    1070 Sq m

    Pedi Land

    A large piece of land which can either be developed into a large house and garden with fantastic views or divided up into individual plots. It has full road access …

  • €100,000/Euros
    See Details 

    Panorama Ruin

    Drastic Reduction Was 150,000 – Now 100,000 euros. This property has some of the best panoramic views I have ever seen! It is a large ruin encapsulated in a considerable …

  • €160,000/BOTH
    See Details 

    Maria 1 & 2

    Maria 1 is a ruin which is situated in a quiet, village setting in the area of Lieni. One can still see the original features that the house would have …

  • Platsa Ruin

    87 Sq m

    Platsa Ruin

    This is a charming ruin situated in a quiet neighborhood of Symi near the top of the village. It is near St. Dimitris church and 5 minutes from the St. …

  • Village Ruin


    Village Ruin

    A ruin near Piraiotissa car park in the top of the Village. 5 minutes from road access.

  • Nimos View


    Nimos View (Land)

    A large piece of land measuring 666 square metres in the are a of Pitini in Yialos. It has road access off the Gymnasio road and is easily accessable. An …

  • Georgia's Land

    1,555 Sq m

    Georgia’s Land

    A large piece of land up at the back of Yialos which can be built on and has a view from half of it down to the harbour. It is …