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Located along the Mouragio side of the port, these two homes are a gem on Symi’s unforgettable harbour. Untouched, old charm makes them an ideal opportunity for those interested in renovating a property to its former glory.

One row up from the harbour front is the first house, with one open room on the ground floor measuring 32.48sqm, a passage way in front of the property measuring 5.84sqm and a cistern. The first floor of the house enjoys views of the harbour and measures a total of 37.44sqm. Here you’ll find a lounge room, a bedroom with stairs leading up to a small, closed moussandra, and a small kitchen. The first floor is accessed separately from the ground floor, and its entrance opens to a narrow courtyard measuring 6.72sqm.
Price of first house:
180,000 euro

Above this house is the second of the two homes, with a ground floor measuring 33.03sqm, and a courtyard measuring 8.25sqm. On the first floor is a lounge room and second room used as a kitchen, measuring a total of 29.28sqm. Again both levels are accessed separately. This home also has views of the harbour from the first floor.
Price of second house:
150,000 euro

Price for both houses:
300,000 euro

Prime position, wonderful views and so much potential!

Rachael Skerry Papacalodouca

The Symi Estate Agent is run by Rachael Skerry – Papcalodouca, (BA/CPE/LPC) an English lady who has worked for 20 years in Conveyancing in Greece. She started this venture in 2008 to fill a niche in the real estate market and to provide a reliable and efficient service to those buying property. Her legal background, local knowledge and proficiency in the Greek language have helped her succeed. Rachael lives locally with her husband and three children.

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